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Just for the fun...

Publié par Cindy

... suite à une suggestion de madame Cybouille et pour faire hurler celle(s) d'entre(s) vous qui est(sont) prof(s) d'anglais, une petite traduction in english de l'article précédent.

Je me suis faite aider par un traducteur automatique, et j'ai retouché ensuite. Peut mieux faire... !!

Voilà donc ce que ça donne :


If you like to knit, the sets of tracks and hunting for Easter eggs (how that “no relationship with sauerkraut”? yes yes, you will see: I'll come there), there is a new game on Ravelry: the search party.

Goal of the operation: “to classify” the 160 and some thousand paterns of the site (yes!). Thus they call upon all the good wills and so one, lets go to order.

I sorted my some projects which had not been classified in the night (yesterday evening: almost nothing done, this midday, 57% of treaty: it is seen that the ravelrian ones are ever in the States or insomniac; -)) and after I made my GA (?? :-) ) and I treated a few tens of random patterns. It is rather funny, makes it possible to discover new patterns and… it is more useful than making run the dog on facebouc (no, I do not have a tooth against this poor animal but it is worth ordering than run after the baball, isn't it?). Moreover I know even a dog which makes “paintoure”; -)


And since one speaks about it, is little Cyb' of our Cybouille friend onto the search party? Here is a challenge with the height of its nice truffle: -) (I speak about the dog, of course, not about Mrs Cybouille: I would not dare!!!)


And then I forgot: there are awesome stuff of yarn to gain… but only 17 prices per 160 and some thousand owners and a lot of “vonlunteers”: I do not even dare to calculate the chances, that will be too depressing.


Then wear your magnifying glasses and… good hunting!

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ma-ger-de 12/07/2010 22:20

mdr!!!!!!!!!!!!! c'ets bon, je ne suis ^pas prof!!lol bisous!!

Cindy 16/07/2010 13:29

Ouf, l'honneur est sauf

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